Lululemon Singapore | Latin Beats * Pilates * Vegetarian Breakfast

Very beautiful space for Fitness, Dine and Shopping! Most of the food and products are organic and vegetarian friendly.

@Brandstand the founder of Yoga Instiinct and one of the new Ambassadors of the Lululemon Singapore was invited to attend a community event where he can tag along a friend, that lucky friend was me. Brandon and I and the rest of the ambassadors and ‘friends’ doesn’t have any idea what lays ahead, the organizers just asked everyone to bring ‘Lululemon sweat clothes’.

Sunday morning inside the beautiful Mahota Commune in Kitchener Complex near Lavender MRT, all the participants including the organizers were ready to ‘sweat’. No one knows except the organizers what kind of ‘sweat exercise’ we are going to do, until a very fit and exotic Colombian Fitness Instructor stood up in front of us and Latin Music started to play in the background.

Dios Mio! We had an hour of Latin Beats, Zumba and some Pilates work out. Que Horror me, I can not dance fast steps but my partner, Brandon was so happy! he was a former Latin Dance competitor here in the Lion City. Not everyone can dance and so am I, everyone was just so happy trying our best to follow the beat and the dance steps. We finished the exercise with sets of crunches, planks, side planks, banana boats and other core strengthening.

Top Left to Right: Brandon Cooking a Vegan Egg | Chef explaining how to make a Vegan Cheese Bottom Left to Right: 2017 Lululemon Planner | Vegan Bento (Except for the yogurt that I didn’t eat)

Breakfast is coming!

I was super happy when the organizers announced that we are going to have a vegetarian food. They surprised me indeed!

Walking trough the Kitchen and Pantry area, I was able to check some of the products they sell along the grocery area. Though its not a full vegan or vegetarian store, still they sell organic products and vegan friendly food. This place is big and wide. The chefs and bakers in the kitchen and pantry offer vegan options like the ‘bento’ that we had for breakfast.

For me, one of the best part of this event was when we were taught how to make a vegan cheese, that cheese and tofu contain large amount of proteins like meat!

The chef asked us to help out in making Vegan Cheese Balls and fry Vegan Eggs. Super yummy smell and taste!

#SGbrogis indeed After Dancing and core workout, Brandon and I Stop, drop and yoga. A quick monkey poses (Hanumanasana / Splits) Monkey Earth and Monkey Sky!

What can you say with our splits, dear readers? 🙂


Mark Louie Maycong