What it’s like to have a YOGA BUDDY?

A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout. -Bill Toomey

Recently Yoga Journal Singapore released a very interesting article about having a yoga buddy! here’s the digital article for your indulgence! Don’t worry this specific article is free! Live, Love, Laugh with Yoga Buddies.


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What is really like to have a yoga buddy? For me yoga buddies are your inspirations, not only on the mat but also on the way of living. Remember, these people can be your close friends or your colleagues in the yoga studio; people you see most of the time.

Yoga Buddies are those people who remind you how ugly or beautiful the way you perform your asanas, they are those who’ll laugh at you once you are in a quirky yoga position and they are those who’ll disturb you once you are very focused! But of course yoga buddies are their to lift you up during your practice.

Do you have yoga buddies? I do have! Though I don’t see them often to perform yoga asanas all the time but we do chat all the time on whastapp and on facebook!

Most of my Yoga Buddies are far from me but our hearts and souls are connected.

Meet my yoga buddies, our favorite topics and why I love them!


[@ashtangallyod] Llyod is not just a yoga buddy but also a ‘gossip buddy’. My conversation with him is as wide as the universe; we can talk about anything from yoga, desires and of course body weight! This certified yoga teacher and Ashtanga enthusiast is also a professional Nurse in Kuwait in Western Asia.


[jakebrandonlorenzo] Jake is a business(es) owner and a certified yoga teacher. He took his YTTC in Mysore, India. Because of him and Llyod we have Whatsapp group called ‘Tatlong Bibe’ in english Three Ducklings! You will not believe what kind of messages, pictures and videos we have in our conversation threads! Please if you are in Eastern Samar in the Philippines, visit his restaurant and yoga studio!


[@cultureofabadyogi] Morgen is one of kind person! Her spirit is just soaring high. She maybe ‘labeled’ as a ‘bad yogi’, but that’s her. She’s speaking with her mind and heart. What I love about Morgen is she always encourage me with all the things and dreams that I want to achieve. She’s an amazing yoga teacher! If you are in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visit and attend her powerful classes in Blue Indigo Yoga Cottage!


My Yoga Sister. You know her if you are reading my articles. Ashley is the best person I met during my Teacher Training in India. This English and Yoga Teacher in Naples, Italy is one of a kind, she’s very sweet and crazy at the same time! I love how we share the same thoughts about teaching children and yoga. I will never forget the days I stayed in her place in Napoli, I was able to know her more, her life and her stories. I will meet this beautiful Lady again in December!

I may never see them or talk to them all the time but I know inside my heart, they all matter.

My yoga family in Singapore and beyond is getting bigger. Recently I met incredible yoga practitioners like David and Brandon, I’m sure you’ll see them more often in my future articles! But for now enjoy some of our pictures together!



If you have a copy of September edition of Yoga Journal Singapore, you’ll see this picture! I’m so lucky enough that the Editor-in-chief asked me if I have a yoga picture with a friend. With no hesitations, I submitted this picture of mine with David!


Like Llyod and Jake, I met David on Instagram. Indeed, thanks to Social Media! David is very passionate in his practice and currently he is taking his Yoga Teacher Training here in Singapore! Follow him on Instagram [@davichin34]


[@branstands] Brandon is one of Yoga Singapore INSTAfamous! Meeting this guy is fun! Very down to earth.


If you are here in Singapore, follow him on instagram so you will be able to attend some his yoga classes. He is currently teaching in different yoga centres in the island.

Go! Play Yoga! Be kind and find your Yoga Buddy! You’ll never know!

Mark Louie Maycong