Leela Yoga : Oslo, Norway | Dharma Yoga

When I was in Oslo I was staying in Hostel near the City Center. I’m already expecting that there will be yoga studios around, and yes indeed.

During summer in Norway, like in any other European country, they are enjoying the sunshine and outdoor activities are rising. I found a studio that conducts Garden Yoga during summer, that day it was sunny until 20 minutes before the class, it rained. So I ended up going back to my hostel.

Never giving up… I searched the nearest yoga studio and I found Leela Yoga.

Check out there small but very cozy place.

This cute black board is the first thing you will see once you go inside the studio.

I love that they have mini café that serve light food!

God has indeed a purpose! For the first time I attended Dharma Yoga. I love the energy in the class. Strong teacher is equivalent to strong students. Everyone is so focused and trying their best to try new asanas.

Thank you to my Filipino Yoga Teacher, Krissa Ludvigsen for the amazing yoga practice!

Don’t forget to visit this place if you are in Oslo! Promise, this is one of the best in Town according to my friends who already visited the city.

Mark Louie Maycong