My Reviews: 3 Indian Vegetarian Restaurants

For 3 consecutive Sundays, I visited Indian Restaurants for lunch after a morning yoga practice with my friend, Mads. These reviews are my personal ‘taste’ and ‘feel’ about the place. Because I have three restaurants to review, I will mark them according to stars for a quick understanding, 1 star is the lowest and 5 is the highest. I believe the best standards to review these restaurants are not just for their food but also the location, atmosphere, price and staff’s urgency.

Let’s start!

Orchard Maharajah Restaraunt (37 Cuppage Road) 

It seems that Mads is a patronizer of this place. This restaurant is in the heart of Orchard Road, the Shopping Capital of Singapore. In the morning, the atmosphere is very quiet and serene but at night – wine, beer, and food lovers gather and celebrate the night with loud music specially on weekends.

What I love about Singapore, is that most of the restaurants offer Vegetarian Meal. Maharajah doesn’t claim to be the best Veggie and Non Veggie Resto, but boy, they really have yummy food that I can eat three times a day, 24/7. Mads is probably the most Food OC person that I met but he always visit this place is because they have magic spell in their food, DELICIOSO!


People who visit Cuppage are usually Night Owls!


Aloo Gobi (14.50 SGD) Proteins! Proteins!


Baigan Bharta (14.50 SGD) This is my favorite with yummy white rice! Nothing compares with rice.


Daal Saag (13. 50 SGD) Really good with Plain Naan


The complimentary Papadum that we always enjoy.


A small indoor space that can fit at least 16 Diners and they have a huge space outside which is always full at night!


Food / Location / Atmosphere / Price / Urgency

Our total cost for this place is 62.17 SGD with our 2 rice, 1 plain naan and Mineral Waters. It is not a cheap place, if you always eat there everyday, but once in a while is good to reward yourself with a good meal.

Let’s move to Little India!

Shiv Sagar & Garden Kadhai (52 Race Course Road) 

The food in this place is really awesome! I can’t even stop eating the Aloo Amritsari until I finished my rice. The restaurant’s ambiance is totally fine. It’s not crowded, maybe because we had super late lunch around 3 pm. This place is along Race Course Road next to Little India MRT and in line with many more Indian Vegetarian Restaurants which I would love to try next time. The owner of this resto should be proud of his chefs/cooks because the food is amazing, unfortunately the waitress/waiter doesn’t fit in the place, they are just so slow and lack of urgency. I might visit this place again someday because of the food. I am hoping for better service from the waitress/waiters. Peace.


Use your eyes to find this place! There are so many Veggie Restaurants next to it.


My favorite dish! Aloo Amritsari (8.50 SGD) Rice (4.00 SGD)


Who doesn’t love Plain Naan?! Naan is bread from heaven. (3.00 SGD)


Daal Palak (10.50 SGD) Not my type unfortunately


We had so much Carbs that we didn’t able to enjoy the Tomato and Onion Uttapam (4.50 SGD)


Pleasant place with good location as well.


Food / Location / Atmosphere / Price / Urgency

We spent 41.80 SDG with our Mineral Waters.

Let’s move one station, Farrer Park.

MTR 1924 Vegetarian Restaurant (438 Serangoon Road) 

This is not our first dine in this popular vegetarian restaurant. As usual the place is crowded, take note, we had our lunch around 2 pm! packed with both locals and foreigners. What I love about this place is the urgency of the staffs, they are friendly, hospitable and quick movers – you can’t buy that kind of attitude. Mads and I had the set meal which is really big serving. And this time, we tried Neer Dosa, very delicious.


This restaurant is next to City Square mall and opposite of Shri Perumal Temple. Both Bus Stop and MRT are near.


Poori Set Meal (8.00 SGD)


This is the additional Dosa to make the Poori set meal, extra special! (12.00 SGD)


This my favorite for that day, Neer Dosa. (5.00SGD)


Always full house but the staffs are really amazing!


Food / Location / Atmosphere / Price / Urgency

We payed 32.10 SGD for the meals including Honey Lemon and Menral Water.

Take note, these are just my personal opinions, you might have other experiences when you visit this place. Yes! thes are not the most affordable Vegetarian Restaurants here in Singapore but food and location wise they have reasonable price. I promise, next time, I will review even more ‘economical’ place to eat! Thanks for reading everyone. God bless.


He knows I am very grumpy when I’m hungry. But when I’m satisfied with my food, I’m a crazy monkey! More Vegetarian Restaurant soon. BIG FACE and BIG TUMMY but VERY HAPPY! Vegetarian Food is Love.

Mark Louie Maycong