4 Steps How To Become Vegetarian


Ever since I finished my Yoga Teacher Training, I have been practicing Lacto-Vegetarian Diet, it means I still eat some dairy products except eggs. I decided to practice this diet because I love Milk and Cheese products like ice cream!

Before my Yoga Teacher Training in India, I already set my mind that I’ll try to continue the vegetarian practice. Heaven’s willing, until now I am still practicing it. Now, this month of October I am transitioning into a Vegan – no meat, dairy products or any products from animals. Becoming a vegetarian was not in my vocabulary, especially if you saw what I was eating 3 years ago. I was once a meat lover, I literally don’t eat vegetables. Most of the food on my plate were chicken, beef and sea foods.

Becoming a Vegetarian is a 90 % choice and the other 10%? Well, that 10% is a calling from your own environment, the surrounding that you are in and the people that you have. Why 10 % is from your environment? It is because the community that surround you have a big impact in your practice as well. Your people, whether they are your family members, friends or co-workers, they are part of your special course. They should know that you are practicing this beautiful diet.

  • First, you need to explain to them what kind of food that you are eating now.

  • Second, you need to tell them your reasons. Explain the WHY’s and BECAUSE’s.

I believe these are the most important things that you need to do when you are starting your diet so that your family, friends and co-workers can support you and know what food they can offer and not.

  • Third, you must have a good source of food like super markets that offer variety of fruits, vegetables and other products that you can use.

  • Fourth and last, if you are lucky enough, having vegetarian restaurants or restaurants that offer vegetarian meal is a big deal. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to cook and prepare your food every day and night.

Definitely super markets have different kinds of fruits and vegetables that will supply you more than enough of vitamins and proteins! Proteins can be found in fruits and vegetables too not just in animal meats.

What to buy? As a starter, buy the fruits that you love! Like in my case I make sure I always have my bananas, dragon fruits, apples, oranges, strawberries and grapes.

Having variety of fruits will not make you feel bored! Root crops and Fruit Veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corns, mushrooms and tomatoes.



Vegetable Soup

Vegetables? Greens are the best like Kang-kong, Spinach, Lettuce and Cabbage. And the colorful once like pumpkins, capsicums, carrots and egg plants!

Now a days there so many affordable, simple and easy to cook vegetarian food! Recently I posted a video on how to cook Soup Vegetable. (Click the link) Try this soup!


Ever since I told my family, friends and co-teachers that I am already a vegetarian, they were all shocked but eventually they are all happy and very supportive. They are always giving me ideas on what food to eat, what restaurants to try and  what recipes that I can cook and prepare.

If you are living in a place where vegetarianism is well accepted, then you are lucky! Start finding restaurants that offer good vegetarian food now. Every where here in Singapore, there are good restaurants that offer yummy food like LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant and New Fui Kai (Click the link) These restaurants have decent food and acceptable price for their menus.


Yummy Food in LingZhin


Sedap food in New Fui Kai


Honestly, becoming Vegetarian in Singapore is very easy. If you still have energy to cook, there are easy accesses to super markets, others are even 24 hours. But if you are already tired or want to try restaurants, there are plenty places to choose from! People think that becoming vegetarian is expensive. It is not! It is a matter of choosing what you are going to buy and eat.

Vegetarianism can be for everyone. It is a choice. It is a beautiful practice. It is healthy.

Meat free grunge rubber stamp on white background, vector illustration

I am meat free!

Mark Louie Maycong