How advanced are you in yoga?


The balance of strength and flexibility. Meet Maninder.

Yoga from the heart.

Real Yoga is the biggest yoga chain studio in Singapore. More than a hundred classes are conducted every week. Imagine, classes are starting from 8:00 am all the way until 10:00 pm with a 15 to 30 mins time gap for each classes, that’s how dedicated Real Yoga is, to be the best yoga journey guide for each yoga practitioners.

Aside from Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga classes, Real Yoga also have special classes like inversions, back bend, forward bend and twists classes that really interesting and fun!

Attending classes in these studios is like attending workshops, teachers are very knowledgeable and skilful. If you think attending daily classes is already fulfilling, you should try to attend their workshops! They invite well-known teachers from all over the globe and of course their very own teachers are also conducting workshops.

Recently Maninder conducted ‘Advance Yoga Workshop.’ It was a full packed class with almost 80 students inside the room! The workshop was very informative, it will give you an idea how simple spreading your fingers on the mat can help you stay inverted, how cat and cow stretch help you maintain your core strength while performing arm balances. How the wall can help you build your inner strength in preparation to move forward in your practice. Maninder gave tips and techniques on how to be stronger Moving Up Side Down (please read this article too!). I believe there will be a part 2 of this workshop! You should come along.


Drills with Paul the wall.


Sweaty pants after the exercise.

Below is a clip during his workshop.

There are more Real Yoga workshops for Yoga practitioners based in Singapore.


This picture was taken from Real Yoga Website. Check the dates, amounts and locations.


Mark Louie Maycong