Handstand 8 Lucky Tips: Finding the Balance


When I started yoga almost three years ago, I can’t balance on my handstands. I hear and read the same tips from my teachers and fellow yoga practitioners. Handstand is fun to see and to perform especially if you are strong, flexible, creative and adventurous. You can see handstands everywhere, anywhere and most body smart people can do handstands – gymnasts, contortionist, dancers and of course yogis.

For almost two years, I always kick up in handstand and trying to find the lightness in my body. I believe in achieving handstand depends on the body type and ability of the person. I learned that whenever I bend and I am able to find my balance, I used that technique to stay in the pose. Always remember, don’t let the pose fit your body, let the body fit into the pose. Don’t force and always find way to get into it. Practicing and learning this pose needs patience and dedication. Well, you can not just go into the pose in one practice. Give time to learn, try different tips and techniques that will be suitable to your body.

TRIAL and ERROR – Try this 8 lucky tips in finding your balance

  1. Practice how to kick up. As much as possible don’t use the wall. Be courageous! that’s what you really need.
  2. If you use the wall, face it. It means, head, chest, tummy, thighs to toes facing the wall.
  3. Learn how to ‘grip’ the mat when you are up side down’. Remember, your fingers are your toes when you are in inverted pose.
  4. Lift your body up from upper back to toes. Think that someone is pulling you up!
  5. If your back is flexible, use that strength to find the balance.
  6. Try to find the balance in stag legs or in splits. Putting the feet together requires lot of strength.
  7. Breathe when you are in the pose. Don’t ever hold your breath.
  8. When you feel that you are floating, don’t panic! enjoy and breathe.


Once you get that ‘moment of balance’ Remember the techniques that you used. practice it again and again and again. In that case, the muscles and the whole body will recognize the Handstand pose.

Always practice! Enjoy, be careful and have fun! Feel free to ask questions!

Mark Louie Maycong