My Review: Genesis Vegan Restaurant, A must try!


115 Owen Road, Singapore, 218922

One October day, I woke up and realized that I don’t want to drink/eat milk and cheese and anymore. These products are the only two left in my dairy list that I was eating. I did not know that it will come to me and feel that I want to become a Vegan.

It is true that you can not rush everything. I don’t know if I can be forever vegetarian or can survive as a Vegan, knowing that I love cheesecakes and ice creams.

But wait! recently a friend of mine told me that I should try this vegetarian restaurant near my home and workplace. Yes! 5 minutes walk from home and school! The next day, I went there for my dinner! This restaurant is called Genesis Vegan Restaurant in Owen Road, near Farrer Park MRT, next to Connexion Mall.

Genesis Restaurant provides Asian and Western Cuisine, the place is not grand but it is clean and 50 people can fit inside. As I was looking at the menu, all the food looks delicious! Specially the desserts! I ended up eating a Korean Bibimbap, Tofu Cheese Cake and an Almond Rice Milk.


Yummy Korean Bibimbap for 10.90 SGD

The Bibimbap was fine! Firstly, it’s my first time to try this cuisine and I don’t have comparison with other Bibimbap. The rice, tofu and vegetables are well cooked. And the sauce gave the whole food and extra kick of deliciousness.


Tofu Cheese Cake for 4.50 SGD and Almond Rice Milk for 3.00 SGD

The Tofu Cheese cake and the Almond Rice Milk was awesome! Super yummy and I will definitely try them again once I visit the place again.

I can’t wait to visit again.



P.S. I was not able to share this article last month because I was sick during the last week of October. During that period I visited the restaurant again and tried the Lasagna and Lemon grass tea. Unfortunately my appetite was not really good that night, I did not enjoy the food, no taste at all.


Lasagna for 9.90 SGD and Lemon Grass Tea for 3.50 SGD

Mark Louie Maycong