‘Breakfast’ Yoga with Parents


This morning we had ”Breakfast Yoga” in school, where the parents had a yoga session with me and a good breakfast with their angels afterwards.

Teaching my students’ parents yoga is fun and exciting! I woke up 5:00 in the morning to have my stretching, bowl of cereals and shower. I head down to school around 7:00 a.m. to set up the playground into a yoga practice place. Around 7:40 a.m. some parents arrived and ready for the class. I was expecting 40 participants and 37 came! But not at the same time. Maybe some students were crying and want to join my class as well.

It was so cool that some parents were really focused and were doing their best to execute the asanas. I had fun teaching Dancer’s Pose, Locust Pose and Bow Pose!

After the class all parents went to the classrooms for breakfast, while they were enjoying the company of other parents and students, some parents gave generous and humble comments about how I taught the yoga class. It was fulfilling to receive and hear these kind words to my students’ parents who are now my yoga students.






Mark Louie Maycong