Birds of Paradise



With the beautiful Amy Cohen.

Birds of Paradise for me is one of the most gorgeous asanas. This asana gives a lot of benefits to the body. It stretches the hamstrings and quads; opens the chest and the back. This asana requires flexibility and strength to maintain the posture. Practice and be proud of what you can do in the present.

To be able to properly do the asana, you can do the following steps.

  • Start the practice in Triangle pose.
  • Rotate the top hand and place it behind your hips.
  • Same movement with the base hand, rotate the shoulders and place it behind the hips.
  • Grab the fingers or hold the wrist to have a better bind.
  • Slowly move the hips forward to stretch hamstrings, quads, back, chest and shoulders even more.
  • Bend the front leg and turn the gaze in front of the mat or the toes.
  • Find the momentum to put the back leg in front. Grip the mat using your toes.
  • Slowly with control raise the leg that you bind. Maintain the balance and weight to your based foot.
  • Eventually try to straighten both knees.
  • Open the chest up and breathe. Stay in the position for a couple of times.
  • Slowly bend forward with control Land the foot, release the hands and relax in your favourite counter stretch.

Let me share to all some of my pictures trying the traditional Bird Of Paradise and some variations.


Photographed by Amy Cohen


Trying BOP in kneeling position


My accomplished pose! I climbed a mountain in Hong Kong!


BOP along Orchard Road. Photographed by Esther Tay.

Mark Louie Maycong