Beyond Yoga: Sharing is Caring

giving (1)

Our last activity during my training in Rishikesh, India with our Teacher Sidharth. Giving umbrellas to unfortunate people during monsoon season.

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The busy street of Rishikesh

There are so many reasons why ‘sharing’ is a must to be used in a positive way. Sharing is a way of expressing love, compassion and gratefulness.

Receiving some-‘thing’ from someone is as good as giving. Sharing is not only about giving material thing, it is also about giving time.

When you share hope, you show compassion. Language is just one of the ‘5 love languages’ that you can express to those people you care about. We all do have these love languages in our system but for sure there is one dominant act that you are good at to show love, hope and compassion. Know your strength and know what you want to receive the most from your loved ones.

When you share laughter, definitely you share happiness. Laughing can reduce of having a heart disease. It will decrease stress and it will improve breathing. There’s no reason not to be happy and share laughter, it can make you feel and look good!

When you share knowledge, people who are receiving these information are not the only one who’s learning, but also the one who’s sharing it. Why keep all the knowledge that you know when others will benefit from it?

In today’s modern world, true happiness can STILL be found in simple yet genuine gestures. Sharing is not only about giving material things it’s about expressing the feelings. When you learn how to share you’ll become a person full of smiles, forgiveness and love. Let us try to be the greatest that we can be every day. Always remember, you’ll never go wrong with kindness.



giving (2)

Cassey of France giving away an umbrella to a homeless man.

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Hannah (UK), Bibiana (Slovakia), Connie (Chile), Isabela (USA), Derek (Canada) and Leyann (Lebanon) with the magic umbrellas. 🙂

Mark Louie Maycong