BEGINners YOGA: Start 2016 right!

How was your 1st week of 2016?

For sure, most of us included ‘Fitness and Health’ in our New Year’s Resolution. I know everyone is trying their best to lose some weight because of food, food and food from the Holidays! This article is really good for the start the New Year specially to those who are planning to try yoga. Yoga is not only about handstands, extreme back bends and legs behind your head.

Don’t be afraid to learn again. They said, sometimes the ‘first’ is always difficult. Try yoga, who knows what will bring this amazing practice to your life.This article is a guideline for those who want to start yoga but don’t know how.

To begin the practice, first, you need a yoga mat. If you don’t have it, you can use a towel or practice on the grass or sand. Second, find a place that is peaceful and clean, you might want to consider your living room or garden or at the beach. Lastly, follow a yoga video or research some postures for beginners.

Below is a 30 minutes yoga practice guide for beginners. The practice is very light and simple, it includes stretching, yoga poses and relaxation poses. I believe that this will be a good start for those people who want to try yoga for the first time. Don’t be intimidated with the advance yoga poses that you see in the social media, remember, all these people started from the beginning too!

Mark Louie Maycong