Bangalore Iyengar Bakery

xThis Indian Vegetarian Bakery is just simply amazing. No extra ‘rainbow’ inside the shop and No hassle in Buying. Just take what you want. Ask what you like and you will definitely get it in affordable price. This Bake shop is strategically located in the heart of Farrer Park MRT, Rangoon Road to be exact. Recently I discovered this Bake Shop when I had my Lunch in ”The Taste Of India” (I will feature it someday). I felt excited to finish my lunch right away so I can put extra delights in my taste palate and happy tummy. Ever since, I am a fan everything sweet: from bread to cake, from red fruits to yellow fruits, from juice to shake and from candy to chocolate. If it is sweet and I will eat it.


Traditional Indian Delicacies


Traditional Indian Fried Breads


Some Packed Goods like Coconut Cookies and Baked Breads

The shop is very simple. You will see all the baked goods right away once you enter their shop. From my visits, I have tried their Laddu, Coconut Cookies, Kaju Katli, Burfi, Coonut Bread and Mushroom Bread. Take note that all these products doesn’t contain eggs, even the Chocolate cake that I tried!


Prices of some products with the ”Egg Less” (ingredient)

For More information you can check these that Iiplets that I scanned.


I hope you will be able to visit this Bake Shop!  Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong