Amazing Experience | Weekend Workshop in YogaHive Philippines

Teaching and sharing yoga love to my fellow Filipino Yogis is the happiest.

When YogaHive Philippines asked me to conduct a workshop with them 4 months ago, I certainly said yes without hesitation. Teaching and sharing yoga love with my fellow Filipino Yogis is the happiest.

When I started yoga here in Singapore almost 4 years ago, I have always wished that more and more Filipinos would try this beautiful practice. I know in my heart that Filipinos love creativity, movement and music, and those elements are part in the yoga practice.

Let us rewind the tape and step back on what happened during my workshop on the 12, 13 and 14 of May:

After my almost 4 hours of flight from Singapore to Manila, I conducted my Hip Opening Class with hilarious group of people!



Second Day was about Letting Go and Opening the Annahata Chakra through Backbend Workshop.

#LetItGo #LetItGo


The last and final workshop was Arm Balance and Inversions!



All these beautiful Pictures are from YogaHive Philippines Facebook Page. Once again, Thank you to all my sponsors!

Picture by Esther Tay

I hope I will be able to meet these beautiful people again!


Mark Louie Maycong