Am I ready? | Yoga Teacher Training Course

    Sol the Meddy Teddy with his Meditation tools.

This is our 3rd Week of Yoga Teacher Training Course. For the past days my students asked me so many questions about yoga poses, meditation, YTTC in other places and so on. It is amazing to share my experiences to them as a young yoga teacher.

“When did you realised that you are ready for YTTC?” This particular question got me excited. And because of this question my students and I had an amazing yogic conversation.

Some essential tools

Yoga Teacher Training Course is a beautiful platform to deepen one’s yoga knowledge. YTTC is not only for those who want to have a career as a yoga teacher but also for those yoga practitioners who want to have a meaningful yogic journey.

Here are the most important questions you need to ask yourself before taking a YTTC:

Am I physically ready?
It is true that Yoga is not just about asanas or poses but immersing yourself in a daily routine that requires a lot of body movement from morning to evening, it can be toxic if your body is not ready. Before joining a course, ask yourself first, am I healthy enough? is my immune system strong enough? is my body ready?

Teaching Class

Am I mentally and emotionally ready?
Attending YTTC is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of Physical involvement in terms of asana practices and also mental and emotional engagements. In YTTC you will learn Anatomy, Philosophy, Meditation and other classes that require focus and inner self-involvement. So before you find the right school, ask yourself, Am I willing to learn with an open heart?

Am I qualified to be a YTTC student?
Everyone is qualified to be a student. Remember Yoga is for all and yoga does not choose people.

Blind folded yoga practice

How expensive is YTTC?
YTTC are everywhere and it ranges from 2,000 USD and up! Choose the school that you think will help you grow not because they are the most expensive or the most affordable. Instead, spend your money right. Knowing a Yoga Schools’ reputation nowadays is easy by checking reviews and testimonials. Most of YTTC includes accommodation and food! So, if you are having second thoughts about a yoga school you wanna be part of, do your research and always ask questions.

Remember attending YTTC needs preparation, not just saving money to save your slot in the class and buy your air tickets to the location. It also requires self-understanding. Don’t rush. Think. Ask questions. Time will tell once you are ready to be in a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Mark Louie Maycong